More than 6,000 advertising impulses per citizen. Daily.

A maximum of 2% are even noticed!

Printed products must differentiate themselves from other media in the fiercely competitive informational market. That's where the Vogt effect comes in. We provide high-end finishing in all conceivable facets - whether on film, paper or laminated - whether at point of sale, as advertising specials, in direct mail or on high-quality brochures. There are no limits!

A fundamental challenge for brands and marketing in the competition for consumer attention is to make messages stand out. From the others win – a fundamental challenge for brands and marketing. Multi-sensory marketing opens up a sustainable path to more effective customer activation and more efficient use of the budget. From product development to communication, the focus here is on the targeted and coordinated activation of as many senses as possible. Capturing the sight and touch of the observer is essential!

Studies in neuroscience and practical tests demonstrate that sensory perceptions are diversely linked. When we sniff the scent of freshly baked waffles, for example, images of happy childhood days appear within us. Grandma's voice lovingly calls our name, a cozy feeling spreads out and one can almost taste the treats on the tongue. Just one of innumerable examples.

The aroma of freshly baked waffles, for example, brings up images of happy, cozy childhood days and Grandma’s voice lovingly calling your name. You can almost taste the treat on your tongue. This is just one of many such examples.

The interplay of the senses not only creates such intensely emotional experiences, it is also a corrective. Contradictory sensory impressions are stumbling blocks, causing us to switch from unconscious reception to conscious and critical reflection. Translated into the practice of marketing, this means that inconsistent communication is just as counterproductive as brands which do not stand up to what they promise. The transfer of values in sensory channels must be created in order to intuitively convince us. Our autopilot, as neuropsychologist Dr. Christian Scheier calls the unconscious system, has a finely tuned radar. It is able to pick up all kinds of experiences and sophisticated nuances.

The Vogt effect creates sensory effects that only print can generate.


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