Intelligent advertising makes an impression


Due to their special adhesive coating, lightsticks can be placed quickly, and without bubbles, on any even surface – and removed just as easily. To top it off, they can be written on with whiteboard markers, again and again. A highly attractive medium – directly at the point of sale or on the customer’s table. With formats of up to 67×98 cm, they offer lots of space.

Lightsticks – an all-purpose product:

  • for current info at Point of Sale

    Whether for promotions or special offers, lightsticks catch

    the customer’s attention. Ideally suited for notice boards, e.g. daily specials, prices, etc.

  • as strong advertising media

    At high visibility locations such as on glass doors, counters or display windows, lightsticks have an especially strong impact. An outstanding feature: lightsticks, printed on both sides, can be read from inside and outside.

  • as popular give-aways

    Lightsticks are delightful and attractive give-aways which are handy as well! As timetables, memo pads and mouse pads, they leave a lasting impression on the customer.

  • as flexible whiteboards and notepads

    Lightsticks are also practical in the office. They are ideal as notepads – instead of paper. Important information can be noted down and is always within reach.

  • as an innovative organisation tool

    Lightsticks offer a convenient space to jot down ideas, results, or important appointments during meetings or workshops.

  • as attractive prizes in contests/draws


Lightsticks stick on most smooth surfaces.

Lightsticks can be written on again and again.

Lightsticks can be printed on both sides, thus doubling the effect.


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