uniqueflip® – "Lenticular meets personalization"

Personalization is creating a unique wave in the printing industry. For example: a mailing without a name and contact is hardly possible anymore. Individualized books and personalized newspapers dominate the market and the attention of a given observer receives an enormous push when he or she sees his or her name in print.

Uniqueflip® specifically targets this fundamental trend.  uniqueflip® – protected by a patent registered by Vogt Foliendruck GmbH – describes the personalization of a lenticular product. In practice, an attention-grabbing, personalized image is connected with lenticular technology. The customer simply supplies an Excel file with first and last name and Vogt Foliendruck links it with the image data personalization. There are even more possibilities.
A pre-produced uniqueflip® can be attached to (nearly) all printed products, with the effect that the original printed product is visible in the first phase and the lenticular is visible in the second phase. This allows for a visual upgrade for (nearly) every printed object. With it, every party guest can receive their own personalized lenticular invitation with an image of the location; trade show visitors can receive one with the trade show logo; and informational magazine recipients can have their name on the first page. uniqueflip® is used in UV offset printing and digital printing!

uniqueflip® bundles the advantages of personalization with lenticular technology. This combination guarantees maximum attention, optimal response, It activates the playful instinct in the observer and broadly reaches the target group.


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