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3-D pictures and animation, as well as other lenticular products, give your advertisement a magic allure and open a wide range of new creative possibilities for you pictures. The high quality lenticular effects of Vogt present sharp images, even in complex animations. Short motion picture sequences can even be created, allowing for a lively and expressive message.

Vogt lenticular products

  • are, as collectible pictures, stickers, etc., popular advertising media.

  • make a strong impression at the point of sale.

  • brighten up covers of magazines, books and brochures.

  • are, as lenticular pictures on rolls, the perfect on-package promotion.

  • are a guaranteed attention-grabber for mailings.

  • are great eye-catchers on CD or DVD covers.

  • provide elegant packaging in the form of a lenticular folded box.


A special transparent lenticular grid foil, with hundreds of precisely positioned lenses on the surface, reflects a different image depending on the visual angle. This creates the perception of motion and depth. Every lenticular effect is produced digitally in the prepress by splitting up the image data for the single lenses. During printing, maximum accuracy ensures the brilliance and sharpness of the 3-D effect and the animation.

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