Enormous effect guarantees enormous attention. With DIGITALPRINT HD, unusual, effective and lasting high definition results are at your disposal. Many creative liberties are available in production to provide for above average attention and fascination in the viewer. In addition, lenticular refinement opens up the sole possibility of putting XXL print in motion. In this way, you can communicate or emphasize individual picture contents to the viewer through animation or sequences.

XXL lenticular printing is a memorable eyecatcher and the right decision for creators, media producers and brand managers. For those who wish to set themselves apart from their competitors and find up-to-date publicity means at the interface between print, the Internet and TV, DIGITAL PRINT HD is the solution.

Large material variety

XXL offers an inexpensive solution for producing small quantities, editions and samples (starting at one piece) for single editions, graduation and presentation purposes. An extremely broad spectrum of use and individualizing alternatives provide many creative liberties. Your ideas can be printed in XXL format on acryl, Dibond, Forex, glass, wood, PVC, PP, self-adhesive or magnetic film and many other materials.

Boundlessly applicable

Our XXL lenticular effects set things in scene, for example in exhibition booths, building fences, posters, glass walls, staircases, and city light posters. The variety of this type of application is unlimited.


    above average attention for your product

  •  LARGE

    Large format printing (to 3.0 x 2.50 m; 3D to 1.20 x 2.40 m; flip to 1.20 x 1.80 m)


    personalisation of products


    small numbers of items for presentations (pitch, fair, etc.)

  • FAST

    simple and brisk completion

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