Innovation through networking


The widely varied options of print finishing are becoming ever more important for targeting customers through printed communication. Nevertheless, creative potential is often not fully utilized because there is a lack of points of orientation which help to effectively embed finishing in the overall communication strategy. Finishing and effect specialists like Vogt Foliendruck GmbH rely on networking. Creative specialists and decision-makers alike must know the uses and effects of various finishes. The transfer of knowledge is indispensable in a strong, cooperative relationship. Only by driving development and research and serving the needs of the market can you remain on the market. Vogt creates synergies and enables execution from a single source. Networked thinking creates innovative forces which are very important for our economy in today's world. Vogt realizes the conditions of the market and uses collaboration in order to meet all of the market's challenges. As a result, Vogt and its partners always remain a step ahead

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